Ahmed S. Al Sayed Accounting & Auditing is a member of TIAG (The International Accounting Group), a global alliance of independent accounting firms, serving clients all over the world in a range of business needs.



The quality of our services directly reflects the quality of personnel. We at Ahmed S. Al Sayed Accounting & Auditing



We adhere to the latest International standards on Auditing and Financial reporting.



Offering professional assistance in starting a business is one of our areas of specialization. To begin

What We Are

Ahmed S. Al Sayed Accounting & Auditing offers its customers a wide range of services such as audit, business consulting, financial, administrative and economic feasibility studies and submit tax returns, and to provide information about the risks within the market and help create business solutions for organizations operating in the state .

This integrated approach combines knowledge, experience and innovation of multidisciplinary knowledge to help our customers exceed their expectations Customer service and pledge to provide the latest information available to the new financial specialists and streamlined for the benefit of customers, office professionals can help you to manage and sustain growth in your company.

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